Woman raped while in vegetative state gives birth in nursing home

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PHOENIX, Az. – Arizona authorities are investigating the rape of a female patient in a vegetative state in a nursing facility.

The woman stunned workers when she went into labor, because they didn't even know she was pregnant.

What happened inside the Hacienda Skilled Nursing Facility in Phoenix?

A woman who has been in a vegetative state at the facility for at least 14 years after a near-drowning incident, giving birth to a baby Saturday.

But nobody knows who did this to her.

An employee at the nursing home says when they first heard the news, they were overwhelmed. 

"How could it happen? And just anger and sadness, and sick to my stomach," said the employee. 

This woman, familiar with what happened, has asked us to conceal her identity and voice.

She says employees could not believe what was unfolding inside the victim's room.

"None of the staff were aware that she was pregnant until she was pretty much giving birth," said the employee.

The employee says that the only warning staff got from the woman indicating she was going into labor was her moaning.

"They didn't know what was wrong with her. There was a nurse that was there, and from what I heard she's the one that delivered the baby," said the employee. 

The employee says from what they know, the baby is alive and healthy. 

Adult Protective Services says after hearing the allegations, it immediately dispatched a team to conduct health and safety checks on all members living in the facility.

The Arizona Department of Health says it is actively working with local law enforcement in its criminal investigation.

As of right now, no suspects have been named.

The employee says this patient required round the clock care, and many would have had access to her room -- meaning there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to finding out who did this. 

The employee also says the facility has changed protocol this week. She also says that this female patient had absolutely no way of defending herself.

"None whatsoever. Not even able to communicate the fact that she was pregnant," said the employee.

According to its website, Hacienda Healthcare serves more than 2,500 people each year.