Virginia man charged after police say he killed 87-year-old woman by driving into her house


SMYTH COUNTY, Va. – A man has been arrested after authorities say he crashed into a home, killing an 87-year-old woman. 

Authorities say Joseph Kestner, 31, of Marion has been identified as the driver of the Honda that crashed into the Margaret Poe's house Sunday morning. She died as a result of her injuries. 

The crash happened around 9 a.m. Sunday on Riverside Road in Smyth County according to police. Officials say Kestner fled the scene after the car ran off the road and crashed Poe's house. 

Kestner has been charged with fatal hit-and-run, failure to report a crash and involuntary manslaughter. He is being taken to Southwest Virginia Jail in Abingdon. 

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