Ice keeps first responders busy in Southside

Numerous trees fell Sunday, blocking roads

DANVILLE, Va. – Anywhere you went in Southside Sunday, you likely saw trees covered in ice.

Around a quarter of an inch of ice formed on trees as the result of the rain overnight.

While investigating a report of a tree down in Pittsylvania County Sunday morning, 10 News unexpectedly drove up on Nick Sapounaks and a few other members of the Mt. Hermon Volunteer Fire Department on Hunting Hills Road.

"A pine (tree) fell over and had the road completely blocked," Sapounaks said. "We got that one clear and we're getting ready to go over on Golf Club Road now."

Just over the hill from the tree that fell on Hunting Hills Road, a pine tree had fallen on some power lines, nearly pulling the lines off their poles.

"The way (the trees are) cracking and popping and leaning, pine's the worst in this kind of weather because of the root system they have. I've got a feeling it's going to be a long day," Sapounaks said.

With all of the downed trees, of course, come power outages.

Early Sunday afternoon, the largest Danville Utilities outages were in the Wedgewood area of Danville and the Bachelors Hall area of Pittsylvania County.

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