Public Works monitoring road conditions in Hill City

As of Sunday, city leaders don't plan on plowing residential streets


LYNCHBURG, Va. – Driving through Lynchburg on Sunday, the primary and secondary roads were pretty good. It’s the residential streets people will have to worry about.

As of Sunday, city leaders tell 10 News they don’t plan on plowing residential neighborhoods.

Clay Simmons, with the Lynchburg Public Works Department, said they had crews working all last night into this morning.

He says they were able to keep up with the snow until it turned into a rain/ sleet mix.

The department has cut back on staff but will have crews working into the evening.

Simmons tells 10 News because the Hill City didn’t see 2 inches of snow residential streets will not be plowed.

“Right now we’re not seeing that. We felt the residential (streets) were passable with a normal passenger vehicle, which is what we took when we drove through. We aren’t seeing a need to go through residential at this time,” Simmons said.

City crews also spent the day clearing ice off city-owned property.

This a reminder for neighbors to do the same in front of their homes, if you haven’t done so.

City officials want people to also plan ahead when traveling to work tomorrow.

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