Work continues to restore power in Southside

Crews from North Carolina helping Danville Utilities

PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. – With ice still coating power lines Monday, power outages were still a problem.

Around noon, Danville Utilities' outage map showed over a dozen reported outages.

Director Jason Grey said a lot of progress was made overnight.

"Yesterday, we were just trying to keep up with the outages coming in," Grey explained. "Late last night, I would say around nine, 10, 11 o' clock, we were starting to make some progress decreasing the number of outages."

Crews from North Carolina were called in to help.

"We budget for storms," Grey said. "This year's been very challenging with two hurricanes and the snowstorm in December, but I think we haven't surpassed our budgeted amount yet."

On Sunday, 10 News spoke to some volunteers with the Mt. Hermon Volunteer Fire Department in Pittsylvania County as they worked to remove a tree from a road.

They were expecting a busy day.

On Monday, the fire department's chief, Ernest Terry, said the day before was definitely busy.

"We had several areas in our community that we had trees and power lines down," Terry said. "It started yesterday morning early and continued until yesterday evening."

The county's public safety coordinator didn't immediately know Monday how many storm-related calls first responders throughout the county responded to Sunday but said the number was not what he would call an excessive amount.

If you are a Danville Utilities customer, you can call 434-773-8300 to report a power outage.

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