Most Americans are unhappy with their jobs


Americans spend one-third of their lives at work, but eight out of ten Americans are dissatisfied with their jobs. That's according to Deloitte's shift index survey.

Here are some signs that it may be time to leave. 

The first: Your commute is killing you. The average worker spends more than 200 hours commuting every year. If getting to work is more hassle than it's worth, you might want to look for something closer. 

Another red flag: You're always stressed. A quarter of Americans say work is their No. 1 source of stress. 

You might also consider bailing if you're earning less because you're a woman. 

Stacey Epstein, CEO of Zinc, said, "There's only so much we can change that companies do, but we can take the situation on ourselves and as women be empowered to fight for what we deserve."

Another problem is never getting a break from work. Last year, there were 705 million unused vacation days in the US. 

You also might want to move on if you just can't get along with your boss, there's too much gossiping going on, or you're being bullied.