'Salvage Dawgs' star starts new projects

Tay Whiteside launched web series, is renovating old machine shop

ROANOKE, Va. – A co-star of the DIY Network TV show "Salvage Dawgs" is working on new projects in Roanoke, hoping to get more people motivated to enter trades like his.

Tay Whiteside has started a new video series on YouTube. He plans on traveling around the region and showing how blacksmiths, glass blowers, machinists and welders do their jobs.

He wants to blend the old-school techniques he learned at Roanoke’s Black Dog Salvage with some new-school methods. The series has included him showing the work he’s done in getting an old machine shop in downtown Roanoke running.

“I have a vehicle to shine more light on the trades and hopefully inspire more people to chase that dream because not everybody’s cut out for college.”

Whiteside will run the machine shop, which is located between Campbell Ave. and Salem Ave. near 5th St., and film his online series there as well as work in the space. The group may film the build portion of "Salvage Dawgs" at that location as well.

The building has machinery that goes back to the 1800s. Workers there did jobs for railroads and hospitals.

Whiteside also plans on making how-to videos. He believes more people are becoming curious about the trades.

“I have friends saying ‘I’d love to see how all that works,’” he said.

He’s hoping to have an open house for the machine shop at the end of March.

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