House fire under investigation in Danville

Fire was reported just after 7:30 Friday morning

DANVILLE, Va. – A house fire is under investigation in Danville.

Firefighters responded to the house in the 900 block of Halifax Road around 7:30 Friday morning.

No one was injured, and no one is believed to have been home at the time.

One neighbor 10 News talked to, who didn't want to be identified, said when she first saw the smoke, she didn't realize it was actually smoke.

She thought it was fog.

"I went outside to get a box out of the car and then I saw some smoke," the neighbor said. "The next thing you know, I went back in the house and about 10 minutes later I heard a 'pop.'"

When she realized there was a fire, she became concerned about the man she frequently saw walking around.

"I asked (a man at the scene), he said there wasn't anybody in the house. I said, 'Thank you, God,'" the neighbor said.

Danville Fire Department Capt. Tommy Napier said the home was engulfed in flames when firefighters got there.

"With that amount of fire, we always give our ladder the front of the building. So we had them set up and we started flowing two-hand lines initially to get a knock down until the ladder could get set up," Napier explained.

As of 10 a.m., there was no word on the cause of the fire.