More churches, businesses say they're owed money after Church Furniture Store closes

Roanoke church is owed $5,098

ROCKY MOUNT, Va.After a 10 News investigation, officials with more churches are coming forward saying they are owed money by a Franklin County business that unexpectedly shut down.

Churches across the country are owed thousands of dollars after the Church Furniture Store in Rocky Mount shut its doors. Lily of the Valley Church of God in Christ in Anahauc, Texas. is owed nearly $16,000. Officials with Center Faith Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, said they are owed $6,300. Officials with Podiums Direct Corporation in Casa Grande, Arizona, said it’s owed $27,000, and officials with River Community Church in Safford, Arizona, said it’s owed $15,700. The list continues.

Since the original 10 News story aired, more churches and businesses have reached out from across the country and from southwest Virginia, including Penn Forest Worship Center in Roanoke.

Pastor Myron Atkinson said they ordered 150 chairs totaling $5098.50. It’s an amount he remembers very well because to date, he has only received one chair.

“It’s the most expensive chair I’ve ever purchased,” Atkinson said jokingly.  At this point it’s all he can do is make light of the situation that has plagued his members since the order never showed up in September of 2018. Atkinson said it's been a frustrating time for those who donated money. 

“It was hard to think of those individuals giving and sacrificing to give, and thinking what are we going to do? That is a lot of money and we have nothing to show for it. In the big scheme of things there's bigger issues to be upset about, but that was really hard,” Atkinson said.

Atkinson said it was important for the church to purchase from a local business. That added to his confusion when they were told by the Church Furniture Store employees, along with many other waiting customers, that their chairs "were held up in port" after they were ordered from China.

Atkinson said despite his and his congregation’s frustration, they are going to handle the situation in a Christ-like manner. Atkinson said a board member asked, "Is there anything we as a church or personally could do to help them {the business} out, not financially but in love?"

Regardless, Atkinson said the situation is what it is, and at this point he’s hoping for a miracle that the issue will be resolved.

The Virginia Attorney’s General Office confirms is has received one complaint about the business, but encourage other churches have not received their money back from the business to file a complaint with their office.

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