Community members gather for Lynchburg's first women's march

Organizers gathered hoping Virginia will become 38th state to pass ERA amendment


LYNCHBURG, Va. – In Lynchburg, people gathered to rally for women’s rights.

Organizers with Bedford Indivisible said it’s the first time the Hill City has held a women's rally.

More than 50 showed up with their poster signs expressing equality and hoping Virginia will become the last state needed to push through the Equal Rights Amendment.

Organizers said community members have often traveled to Charlottesville or Washington, D.C., to rally, but this year they want people to know they can voice their opinions at home, too.

“Many times, people look at this community as a homogeneous place where everybody is of the same religion, same political persuasion, and that’s simply not true. So we want to afford people who have different opinions, who believe in liberty and justice for all,” Donna StClair, a member of Bedford Indivisible, said.

Organizers hope to do the march again next year.