Free dehumidifiers offered to Danville residents in wake of Tropical Storm Michael

Center for Housing Education accepting applications

DANVILLE, Va. – People who live in Danville are taking advantage of an offer to help them recover from Tropical Storm Michael.

On Thursday, people were able to stop by the city's Center for Housing Education and apply for a free dehumidifier to help dry out their home.

They could also apply to rent a large fan.

There are 40 dehumidifiers and 60 fans.

"There are no qualifications," said Housing Development and Planning Specialist Justina Megginson. "We're just asking general information. Your name, your address, your phone number."

Megginson said the application process will continue until all of the humidifiers are gone.

"We will schedule a housing inspection with the inspector. They will come out and determine whether the need is great enough for a dehumidifier, and then we will contact the homeowners to let them know where to pick them up," Megginson said.

The dehumidifiers and fans were purchased with a $10,000 grant from the local Lions Club.

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