Government shutdown puts strain on local food pantries

FASWVA said the need is great

ROANOKE – Feeding America Southwest Virginia has worked to supply food to TSA agents in Roanoke and other federal workers across Southwest Virginia during the U.S.'s longest partial government shutdown. The nonprofit relies heavily on reimbursements from the USDA as well as donations.

Feeding America Southwest Virginia CEO Pamela Irvine said they receive 20 percent of their food from the USDA which is affected by the shutdown, leaving a lot of questions surrounding the food stores at its warehouse. The shutdown comes during a time when donations to the organization are down.

“We are down 7 percent in our donations, and we are down 9 percent in our USDA government commodities. If the shutdown continues through March, we won't be receiving our next quarter contributions from the USDA.," Irvine said.

Irvine says the situation is critical.

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