Paid parking in Downtown Lynchburg to begin Feb. 4

2-hour parking spots still free but will be monitored

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Come Feb. 4, be prepared to pay for parking when you’re in downtown Lynchburg. 

In the last few months, the city has paved its gravel lots and striped and numbered parking spots.

Next month some lots will include pay parking stations. The two-hour parking spots are still free but will be monitored. 

“Paid parking and the TWO-hour restriction on Jefferson Street is Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. So the parking lots on the street, parking is still free on nights after 5 and all day on the weekends and also city-designated holidays,” David Malewitz, parking manager, said.

Before this begins, Malewitz wants to meet with loft and property managers in downtown, who should have received a letter like this in the mail. 

“Loft managers (ought) to notify us about what type of demand their residents are looking for,” Malewitz said. 

10 News spoke with one loft manager on the phone. They tell me that of the properties they own, a majority of tenants park on Jefferson Street, and the changes will impact them.
They would love to see a plan considerate to people who permanently live in downtown.

“So while we’re doing this here, this is impacting this area, what areas in downtown are alternates? Maybe residents that don’t want to park down by the Riverfront maybe go up to the parking decks,” Malewitz said. 

The meeting, which is open only to loft and property managers, will be on Tuesday, Jan. 29.

“We’re trying to focus it in on that group so we cover the parking impacts for them. I will always welcome any other parking questions for the rest of the city,” Malewitz said.

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