Tow truck driver struck by car while on the clock

Bee Line Towing wants to remind drivers to slow down, move over

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Eddie Huckleby is an operator and tractor-trailer driver for Bee Line Towing in Lynchburg.

At 2:59 Wednesday afternoon, he and his coworker Tracy were towing a Lynchburg city bus on Bedford Avenue right off of Rivermont Avenue.

"As Tracy was doing some last minute adjustments and getting ready to get everything ready to roll. I went to turn one of the wreckers around. When I was getting out I was walking towards him I heard him hollering," Huckleby said.

Tracy had been hit by a car's side mirror.

"I saw the green Toyota Sienna that struck him," Huckleby said. He didn't see the impact but he (Tracy) "talked to the driver and the driver said he was going to stop, come back and talk to us, but he took off on Rivermont."

Jeremy Okes, a dispatcher and driver for Bee Line said, Tracy was out of work Wednesday and at home recovering.

"Luckily he didn't have anything like life-threathening. It's going to take him out of work at least a day. I guess he's got a little nerve damage on his arm," Okes said.

Bee Line said Tracy followed protocol.

"We don't just have the lights. We have reflective gear. Not just this but he was dressed in full yellow. How the person didn't see him is beyond me," Huckleby said.

The company took to social media, expressing its frustration but also reminding drivers to pay attention and move over. This is the second time in three years one of their drivers has been hit while on the job.

"If you see emergency lights. Red lights, blue lights, amber lights, police, Fire EMS, tow truck service vehicles on the side of the road; if you don't have the ability to move over, at least slow down. It's not for our safety, but for their safety as well," Huckleby said.

Huckleby said the driver left the scene, but the men took down the license plate number and contacted Lynchburg police. LPD told 10 News they were able to find the driver, but the tow truck driver did not want to press charges. Lynchburg police say they did file a state accident report. 

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