Curious cat enthusiasts come to Roanoke for annual cat show

The Star City Cat Fanciers Association put together the purr-fect event for other feline fanatics.

They joined forces with the Central Carolina Cat Fanciers Association for their annual show at the Valley View Holiday Inn in Roanoke on Saturday. The show, which has been a Star City CFA tradition for 20 years, attracted cat owners and enthusiasts from all across the country.

Judges awarded their cats of choice, but the association says bringing this many different cats under one roof means more than any award.

"You know, cat shows are the one place you can go where everyone loves cats as much as you do," said Teresa Keiger of the Central Carolina Cat Fanciers Association. "It's also a great place to learn about the various breeds, and you can also get some really cool things for your cat."

The show will also take over the Valley View Holiday Inn on Sunday.

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