Giles County Vietnam Veteran receives new heater for free

Southern Trust Home Services and its employees donated supplies and time

GILES Co., Va. – A wounded veteran in Giles County will stay warm through the rest of the winter thanks to a pretty special donation.

Southern Trust Home Services installed a brand new heater Saturday for the man. He's a Vietnam veteran who uses a wood stove, but because of his injury and age it's difficult for him to stock it. His family and friends nominated hom for the "Heat for Heroes" program.

Southern Trust owner Ted Puzio donated it all and said it's about paying things forward.

"I grew up poor I didn't have that ability to give to people we've gotten to the point now where our business has grown so much and taken over so much of the valley I want to be able to give back to people now that we can and our employees feel the same way which is awesome," Puzio said.

The employees who installed the heated also donated their own time to get the done.

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