Roanoke TSA agents get lunch on the house, thanks to local businesses, passengers

ROANOKE, Va. – TSA employees checked bag after bag at Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport on Friday -- but they still haven't been paid. 

"You still have your rent, you still have your mortgages, and you still have all of the responsibilities you have. Credit cards, car payment -- it's still there," said TSA worker Skip Burke. 

And with empty wallets, come empty stomachs.

The Subway on Peters Creek Road served up a solution -- they delivered two bags of fresh subs directly to the hungry TSA staff, with a little help from Star Country.

"TSA keeps up safe. They make sure that we're flying right and doing what we need to be doing and we appreciate them very much," said Brett Sharp, with 94.9 Star Country. 

They aren't the only sandwich shop helping out the workers. TSA staff says some Roanoke passengers have left them donations at the McAlister's Deli steps away from the TSA checkpoint.

"When we come over and get something to eat or something to drink, they'll say 'we'll just put it on that tab' until all that money is gone, then someone else will come in and throw in a couple dollars," said Burke.

Whether the Subway sandwiches were turkey, tuna or ham, TSA workers say this gift definitely cut the mustard.

"If I have something here to look forward to, something to eat once I get here, that makes it even better," said Burke.