Meetings underway to get feedback on possible Southside regional bus service

First meeting held Monday morning; three more to be held this week

DANVILLE, Va. – Meetings are underway in Southside to get feedback on a possible new regional bus service.

The first meeting was held in Danville Monday morning.

Only one person showed up.

A second meeting was scheduled to be held Monday afternoon.

There will also be meetings in Chatham, Hurt and South Boston this week.

The feedback will help determine the routes and stops for the bus service.

Danville Transit will operate the service, provided a grant to fund it comes through later this year.

"The review of the grant application will be based on the planning study that was done a couple of years ago by an outside consulting company for the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center," Danville Transit Authority Director Mark Adelman said. "So the public input received will not directly impact the state's determination to fund the project."

For more information about the meetings or the proposed regional bus service, contact Adelman at 434-799-5110.