When to hang up the keys? More seniors are getting into car accidents

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By 2025, drivers 65 and older will represent 25 percent of the driving population. 

Science shows physical and cognitive decline at older ages can have a big impact on driving ability. The struggle is when to stop driving and who should make the decision.

Dr. David Bernstein, who specializes in geriatric medicine, says families are critical in the "hang up the keys" debate. He says you should agree on gradual restrictions, follow behind when they do drive to confirm your suspicions, and when all else fails, anonymously report hazardous driving to the DMV. 

"Do whatever it takes, beg, borrow, and steal," Dr. Bernstein says. "Be deceptive. Disable the car, send it to service."

The number of vehicle crashes that have involved drivers 65 and older more than doubled from 2004 to 2015.