Roanoke SPCA gives away straw to help protect outdoor pets during cold


ROANOKE, Va. – The Roanoke Valley SPCA is giving out free straw to help protect outdoor pets from the plummeting temperatures. 

Fundraising efforts have paid for the Free Straw Days. 

Danna Owen, board president, said in a statement, “We would love to see all pets housed inside, but we recognize in our community that this is not the case so we want to ensure that these animals have protection during the cold weather.”

Depending on the material, blankets can retain moisture, which can make your pet colder. Straw is a better option. 

You can get the free straw on Saturday, February 2 and Saturday, February 9, both 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you're not able to get to the shelter, you can sign up to have straw delivered to your home. Call (540) 339-9247, ext. 200 between noon and 6 p.m. from now until February 7 if you are interested in delivery. 

The SPCA also has tips for keeping your pet warm. A shelter should be large enough for the pet to lie down, but not so large that it cannot retain body heat. They recommend having a shelter that is elevated a few inches off of the ground. Pets who live primarily outdoors also need more food in the winter because it takes more energy to keep warm. 

If anyone would like to help with the construction projects or make a donation, you can email Denise Hayes at dhayes@rvspca.org.