Alleged pill thief steals laxatives instead of opioids


PINELLAS PARK, Fla. – Jayme Ream had a sneaking suspicion that his roommate was stealing his prescription drugs -- and he wasn't going to let him get away with it, according to WFLA

"After work Monday night, I went to Walmart, bought a camera and no one knew," said Ream. "No one knew and I live with two other people."

But Ream didn't stop there. He didn't just want to catch the thief who was stealing his medicine, he wanted to teach him a lesson. 

"So, Monday night when I got the camera I also bought a bottle of ex-lax and I transferred the pain pills and moved the pain pills out and put the ex-lax in the other bottle," said Ream. "And put it in there for him to get."

Peter Emery Jr., 56, took the bait. 

Once Ream saw the video, he says he was surprised by how quick Emery worked. 

"I couldn't believe how quick he got in. He just basically, from the video, he just walked in," said Ream. "Had the code and he was in."

Pinellas Park police arrested Emery, and he has been charged with petit theft and violation of probation on prior possession charges. 

According to Lt. Adam Geissenberger, Ream didn't do anything wrong or illegal. 

"He put a laxative in a bottle, knowing someone was going to steal it again, or truly believing that," said Geissenberger. "In this case, somebody did steal it and fortunately, regardless of who it was who took it, it wasn't a dangerous substance that was going to harm that person."

Emery's family members say he has had a pill problem for years, and had recently completed his latest rehab program and was looking for a place to stay. That's when he moved in with a relative, who also lives with Ream. 

Ream has been taking the pills since he was injured on a Sarasota football field in 2011 when he says he was attacked by several other coaches. 

"They didn't like my calls and I went to leave and they said I wasn't leaving, "said Ream. "And the fight was on."

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