Danville Police Department introduces north, south side commanders

Commanders are part of new effort to combat crime

DANVILLE, Va. – On Wednesday, the Danville Police Department introduced the two police officers who are leading the city's latest effort to combat crime.

As 10 News has reported, Danville's police chief has divided the city into a north and south side and put an officer in charge of each side.

Capt. Keith Thompson is the north side commander.

He says he and teh south side commander will be focusing on quality of life issues.

"One of the things I'm focusing more on, on the north side, is shoplifting. On the north side of the river, we have a lot more commercial buildings," Thompson explained.

Capt. Jerry Pace is the south side commander.

He says data about what, when and where crimes are occurring will guide his and Thompson's efforts.

"What I have focused on is more of the quality of life issues that I've seen in south Danville, such as residential burglaries, armed robberies of individuals or just street-style robberies of individuals," Pace said.

Thompson and Pace plan to hold community meetings and other events to get feedback from residents on their efforts.

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