Local church burglarized; police looking for suspect

Church's audio equipment, TV, collection plates found in Amherst County

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Pastor Larry Fitzgerald is grateful to see his church's equipment back in the hands of its rightful owner.

"Praise the Lord, we've got some of it back," Fitzgerald said while carrying a DVD player into the church.

Central Baptist Church, on Florida Avenue, has fallen victim to a string of burglaries in the past week.

Lynchburg police are looking for a man named Charles Branham.

Investigators believe he stole two cars and multiple items from cars on the Norfolk Southern Railroad lot.

The church's audio equipment, TV and collection plates were found in Amherst County.

"I picked them up at the police station this morning. Maybe they thought they were gold, was trying to burn them," Fitzgerald said, "The love of money is the root of all evil. This is not the answer."

Fitzgerald said the suspect or suspects kicked in the back door, snatched the church's security cameras right of out the walls and ultimately made their way out through the back door in the basement.

Police have not been able to recover all of the church's items.

Fitzgerald said the thief or thieves can't run forever, but he did say all is forgiven.

"Don't let the first Bible you get be behind bars," Fitzgerald said.

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