Montgomery County unveils plans for two new parks

County looking to build park, recreation space in Shawsville, Riner

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. – Members of the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors now face the task of exploring funding options for two park proposals in the county.

Monday, the Board of Supervisors got a look at plans for parks in Shawsville and Riner.

Creed Fields Park would be built where the old Shawsville Elementary used to be. Right now the plan calls for multiple ball fields as well as walking trails. The estimated construction cost is $2.6 million.

The future Auburn Park in Riner would have similar amenities and cost $6.8 million to build. At Monday's Board of Supervisors meeting, April DeMotts, vice chair, said funding for building the parks could be a big challenge.

She noted with the current price tags for the projects and the county's savings rate for these projects, it would take 22 years to build both parks by paying with cash.

"As we're having a discussion surrounding the parks, and thinking about how we're going to create opportunities for parks in Montgomery County in the future, it's clear that we're not saving at a rate that we need to be saving at to actually, truly expand the parks that we have now," DeMotts said.

Plans call for each park to be built in phases.

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