Unlikely friendship between Russian goat, tiger may soon come to an end

Tiger may be moved to tiger sanctuary soon


RUSSIA – A famously unlikely friendship in Russia may soon be broken up -- and it could seriously hamper a popular tourist attraction.

Amur the tiger and Timur the goat are best buds -- and currently live together at the safari park in Russia's Primorsky region.

In 2015, the goat was first placed in the pen with Amur -- who was supposed to hunt and eat him as live prey.

Surprising everyone -- mostly, Amur, no doubt -- the goat stood his ground, even attacking Amur.

In response, Amur submitted to the goat -- who was then named Timur -- and the two have been inseparable friends ever since.

Now, Amur-- and his tiger sister Taiga -- may be relocated to a tiger park in Russia's Krasnodar region -- without Timur.

In the last few days, a petition to stop the relocation appeared on change.org hoping to influence the decision makers.

So far, it has collected over 10,000 signatures.

People are also writing letters to the governors of both regions.

Amur and Timur's unique friendship has made the Primorsky Safari Park internationally famous and it is considered a major regional tourist attraction.