Unlikely friendship between Russian goat, tiger may soon come to an end

Tiger may be moved to tiger sanctuary soon

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RUSSIA – A famously unlikely friendship in Russia may soon be broken up -- and it could seriously hamper a popular tourist attraction.

Amur the tiger and Timur the goat are best buds -- and currently live together at the safari park in Russia's Primorsky region.

In 2015, the goat was first placed in the pen with Amur -- who was supposed to hunt and eat him as live prey.

Surprising everyone -- mostly, Amur, no doubt -- the goat stood his ground, even attacking Amur.

In response, Amur submitted to the goat -- who was then named Timur -- and the two have been inseparable friends ever since.

Now, Amur-- and his tiger sister Taiga -- may be relocated to a tiger park in Russia's Krasnodar region -- without Timur.

In the last few days, a petition to stop the relocation appeared on hoping to influence the decision makers.

So far, it has collected over 10,000 signatures.