Danville food bank exceeds fundraising goal for new roof, parking lot

God's Storehouse raised nearly $167,000 between July and January.

DANVILLE, Va. – God's Storehouse in Danville has a new roof and will soon have a new parking lot, thanks to a successful fundraising campaign.

Video of a celebration was posted to the food bank's Facebook page Tuesday.

Nearly $167,000 was raised between July and the end of the year.

As 10 News has reported, the goal was to raise $150,000 by the end of the year for a new roof and parking lot.

The roof has already been fixed.

"(I'm) so excited. Very grateful to the Lions Club because they are the ones that really sent us over. They donated $50,000 towards our parking lot," God's Storehouse Executive Director Karen Harris said.

The Lions Club was far from the only agency that donated, though.

"We had about $12,000 in corporate sponsors and people that donated to it. Almost $41,000 (from) individuals that gave to us," Harris said. "Then, about $40,000 in grants and we had an anonymous matching donor. That was around $15,000."

Work on the parking lot is expected to start in the spring.

Any money left over will go into the storehouse's reserve fund.

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