Health experts debunk common cold weather myths

PULASKI, Va. – The bitter cold can cause serious problems for your health, but experts said there are lots of misconceptions about how could weather impacts you. To separate fact from fiction, 10 News reporter Jessica Jewell hit the streets to find out what people think, then went to LewisGale Pulaski Chief of Staff Dr. Ben Davidson for the answers.

FACT OR FICTION: Cold weather makes you sick

Many people believe the cold makes you sick, but the weather actually doesn't have anything to do with it.

"Cold weather doesn't truly make you sick, but it might weaken the immune system somewhat. Cold weather brings us inside and brings us together, so that's why we have the seasonal outbreaks of the flu that occur during the winter season," Davidson said.

FACT OR FICTION: You lose most heat through your head

Health experts said your head doesn't lose any more heat than other parts of your body.

"Certainly wearing a toboggan or a hat can keep some heat from escaping, but you need to pay attention to your entire body," Davidson said.

FACT OR FICTION: It takes a long time out in the cold for frostbite to happen

"When it gets this cold, frostbite can still develop very quickly... Within a few minutes, potentially less than 10 minutes," Davidson said.

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