Hell really has frozen over


HELL, Mich. – Hell has literally frozen over.

Hell, Michigan, that is. 

It's so cold there that businesses have shut down for the next several days. 

Temperatures are well in the negatives, and that's not even accounting for wind chills. 

The residents of Hell have fun with the town's name and capitalize on it for tourism purposes. 

"More people tell you to go to our town than anywhere else on Earth," the town's website states. "Come out and visit us. Then the next time someone tells you to 'go to Hell,' you can tell them you've already been there and had a hell of a good time."

You can even get married in Hell, because a marriage that starts in Hell has "no place to go but up."

If you do want to tie the knot there, you may want to wait until Hell gets a little hotter.