'I really do see this as a positive': Danville City Council member pleased with casino bill delay

Bill would open door for casino in Danville

DANVILLE, Va. – At least one Danville city council member says the delay of the state legislation that would open the door for a casino in Danville is a good thing.

Councilman Fred Shanks believes the delay will lead to a better bill.

On Wednesday, Senators amended the bill to require a casino impact study this year and require the bill to be reintroduced to the general assembly next year before a decision is made about casinos.

Prior to the amendment, a decision was expected to be made this year.

"I think a study done by the general assembly would allow for a lot of issues that came out during this session that still needed massaged and worked on to be done so," Shanks said.

An independent study in 2018 estimated a casino could create close to 7,000 jobs in Danville and generate $20 million in tax revenue for the city.