R.S. Payne Elementary School students develop love for reading through live museum

30 students kick off Black History Month with live museum

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Teachers are helping children develop a love of reading through live history.

Thirty students at R.S. Payne Elementary School are kicking off Black History Month with a "Living History Museum."

On Friday, parents and students who stopped by the museum had to touch the hands of the students dressed as historical figures. The third-graders then read off an index card telling visitors how their character helped change American history.

Some of the students dressed as historical icons such as Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman and Jackie Robinson, struggle with reading in class and have spent the last few weeks reading about their characters.

“They begin to discover the joy of reading and the knowledge they can gain from a book. And some of them haven’t experienced that before, but the costumes, putting on an event really brings the words on the pages to life for them,” Ginny Shank, a team leader for Title 1 teachers, said.

In the spring, fourth-graders will focus on and study the Titanic and its history. 

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