'It's real confusing and hard to process': Fiancée of Henry County murder victim speaks out

17-year-old charged with second-degree murder

HENRY COUNTY, Va. – "It's real confusing and hard to process," Camille Daniel, the fiancée of the man shot and killed Saturday night in Henry County, said about what happened.

According to the Henry County Sheriff's Office, Eric Barksdale was shot outside his and Daniel's house by a 17-year-old after Barksdale and the teen got into an argument.

On Monday, investigators used a police dog to search the yard around the house for evidence.

Daniel said the teen is a cousin of Barksdale's, but she doesn't know what they were arguing about.

"He (was) banging on the back of the house, saying, 'He shot me, boo. Call the police.' Eric is not one to say, 'Call the police.' I called the police. I followed Eric around the house because he's been shot, he's in shock of being shot. He's trying to get away from the shots and keep himself going. So, when I catch up to him, he collapsed on the front porch," Daniel said.

She said Barksdale ran a music recording business out of their house and would often work with people for free.

His goal was to give people a positive way to express themselves.

Daniel said the 17-year-old, who she didn't want to name, has been getting involved with what she calls "the street life" and Eric was trying to help pull him away from that.

"They just made a song together not too long ago, these same two. They were supposed to be doing a video and everything like that," Daniel explained.

Her daughter witnessed the shooting and now has nightmares.

"She's reenacting what happened to her dad in her sleep. She's holding her chest and she's reaching up and she's doing things like that," Daniel said.

Daniel said the kids were what mattered most to her fiancé.

"He was a great dad. Anybody in Martinsville and Henry County could tell you that when he had kids, that is what changed his life. That is what made him let go of all the extra stuff. He was at home, he was about family, he was about me and the kids," Daniel said.

According to the sheriff's office, the teen ran away after the shooting.

As of Monday afternoon, he had not been arrested but is charged with second-degree murder.