Law enforcement, animal rescue groups helping elderly Floyd County woman care for her dogs


WILLIS, Va. – The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office and Floyd County Animal Control are collaborating with animal advocacy organizations to help an elderly Willis woman better care for her dogs.

Thanks to the generosity of Dogs Deserve Better and the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies, new dog shelters will soon be delivered to the woman’s home to assist with improving the animals’ living conditions.   

The Sheriff’s Office and Animal Control became involved after receiving multiple complaints from concerned citizens about the welfare of about 13 dogs on her property.

In the last few months, both county agencies have repeatedly responded to the residence to inspect the health and living conditions of the dogs.

One dog is currently under the care of a veterinarian and has made significant progress.

The latest response to the residence was this week due to a citizen complaint out of concern for the record cold temperatures and the dogs living outdoors. Floyd County Animal Control responded to the residence to assess the situation. The Animal Control officer then consulted with the Floyd County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office to discuss if there are any violations of law concerning the care of the dogs.

The Commonwealth Attorney’s Office advised, under the present circumstances, there is no violation of local or state law. 

“Even though there is no violation of law with this current situation, the owner is aware of the concerns for the welfare of her dogs,” said Floyd County Sheriff Brian J. Craig. “We are appreciative for her cooperation and the generosity of these organizations to help her with providing more adequate shelters for them during the winter months. My office and Animal Control will continue to closely monitor this situation and ensure the dogs are being properly cared for.”

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