No poisonous dog treats found after social media scare

Viral post warned of poisonous treats found at Green Hill Park

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – A lot of pet owners are on edge after a misleading post went viral on social media.

Over the weekend, someone posted about game wardens finding poisoned dog treats at Green Hill Park. Roanoke County Parks, Recreation and Tourism immediately launched an investigation and found that was not the case.

A game warden did advise a dog owner not to let their dog eat treats off the ground this weekend, referencing a poisoning incident several years ago. However, there is no evidence of recent suspicious activity at the park.

Still though, dog owners are being extra vigilant.

"I’ll still take him here and see if I observe anything unusual and not let him pick up anything," Randy Martin said.

"I try to keep her away from everything anyway because you don't know what you're going to pick up," Philip Coffey said.

If you have any concerns, contact animal control.

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