Protesters take to streets, demanding Gov. Northam's resignation

No word from the governor since Saturday afternoon

RICHMOND, Va. – Criticism of the governor and calls for him to resign increased Monday amid this controversy in Richmond. 

About 30 people gathered outside the governor's mansion to demand Northam step down.

Many are saying they supported Northam in his campaign, and some organizers said they even canvassed for him.


However, many say they feel betrayed by a recent controversial yearbook photo in which he appeared in blackface.

Lawmakers continue bipartisan calls for the governor to resign, including Republican House Speaker Kirk Cox.

"And obviously on impeachment, that's a very high standard. And so I think that's why we've called for resignation. We hope that's what the governor does. I think that would obviously be less pain for everyone," said Cox.

We've also learned more about what Northam has been up to in the last 24 hours.

CNN reports he met with top administration officials last night, asking them if anyone would support him remaining as governor, but no one said they would fight for him.

We know there were plans for a regularly-scheduled cabinet meeting and all-staff meeting Monday morning.

We have not heard from the governor since Saturday afternoon's address to the media.