Lexington parents receive survey about the value of education in county high school

Lexington City Schools leaders say they want to work with Rockbridge County School leaders to make sure parents are satisfied with the level of education at Rockbridge County High School. 

Three weeks on the job, Rebecca Walters is picking up where the last Lexington City Schools superintendent left off. She's part of a committee to determine the education value and needs for Lexington city students at the county high school.  

"In continuing to offer those duel enrollment courses, those courses that will provide them with the opportunity to go into college with as many preparation courses as possible so they can move forward with that. There was definitely an interest in the arts," said Walters. 

The committee sent a survey to parents of Lexington city students in November. This comes after a former city council member wanted to re-evaluate a 30 year consolidation agreement with three area high schools. Lexington pays around 16 percent of operating costs of Rockbridge County High for 160 students from Lexington. 

"With that, I think there's a good faith understanding that our students are going to get good programming at their school, so we want to see if there's a way we can help support the programs and support the offerings that go on at the high school," said Walters. 

A question on the survey asks parents, "How important is it for the City of Lexington to have some input on decisions relating to curriculum and management at Rockbridge County High School?"  More than 85 percent said they believe it's very important while 11 percent said it's somewhat important. 

Asked if building a new school is still an option, Walters says the committee will still need to explore that idea. 

"That is one of the options they wanted us to look at, is are they are sites available in the community if a new high school were to be a consideration? Where would that take place?" said Walters.