Virginia lawmakers pass bill that would ban driving with your phone in your hand


RICHMOND, Va. – Lawmakers in the Commonwealth have passed a new bill that would make it illegal to drive with a cellphone in your hand. 

Current law only prohibits texting or writing an email while driving.

Bill HB 1811 was introduced by Republican Del. Christopher Collins and expands the current law to ban "using a handheld personal communications device while operating a motor vehicle to all uses unless the device is specifically designed to allow hands-free and voice operation and the device is being used in that manner."

While the new law would prohibit driving with your phone in your hand, you'd be able to talk on speaker with your phone somewhere else in the car. 

If you're caught with a phone in your hand while driving, you could be pulled over and given a $125 ticket for the first offense and a $250 ticket for the second offense. 

The bill has passed the House and the Senate. It would become law in January 2020 if the governor signs it. 

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