4-year-old calls 911, saves mother's life

PADUCAH, Ky. – A four-year-old in Kentucky is being praised for saving her mother's life. 

While her mother was passed out, the child called 911. 

Her mother has a disease known as POTS. When she changes her posture, her heart rate and blood pressure go up, causing her brain and body to shut down. 

"I think she sort of knew something was going to happen," Asia Brewer said. "There was nobody here."

Brewer said she fell from the room to the bathroom, and that's all she remembers before she passed out. 

Her child, Kenna, called 911 and told the operator that her mom was on the ground. Kenna's been in this situation before, two years ago. 

Brewer said despite Kenna's age, she can count on her. 

"I trust her so much, and because she is four, they say you can't trust that she's always going to be there for you, but I can," Brewer said. 

"I'm Mommy's life saver," Kenna said. "I tell all the teachers that at school." 

"I love her more than anything in the whole entire world," Brewer said.