Danville could soon offer paid maternity leave

Vice mayor, council member pushing for it as way to help city grow

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DANVILLE, Va. – Currently, women working for the city of Danville who want to take time off to be with their newborn child have to use their vacation or sick days.

Danville Vice Mayor Lee Vogler says city councilman Adam Tomer brought up the issue recently.

"That time with your newborn is essential. As a father of two young kids, I know how important that is. So this is something that Councilman Tomer, myself, and some others on council feel very strongly that we need to make happen," Vogler said

On Wednesday, 10 News reached out to Tomer but did not get a response.

Aside from making spending time with their newborn child easier for mothers, Vogler says offering paid maternity leave could help the city grow by attracting young people.

"We're hoping that Danville can kind of show everyone we're a pro-family city and we want young, working families. This is a way I think we can say we're their to support them," Vogler said.

How many current employees might take advantage of paid maternity leave is unclear, but Vogler says the response to the idea has been very positive.

As for paid leave for fathers?