Here are some tips to relieve indoor allergies

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Cold weather doesn't spell relief for people with indoor allergies.

People with dust mite allergies wake up feeling stuffy because they sleep on a surface they're allergic to. 

Other allergens can come from pets. If you can, keep pets out of the bedroom, try to keep them in areas that are not carpeted, and bathe them regularly. 

It's important to change your home's air filter often. The normal recommendation is to change it once every three months if you don't have pets, and once every two months if you do have a pet. However, allergy sufferers should change out the filter once every 20 to 45 days to get some relief. 

There are also special covers for pillows, mattresses and box springs.

Dr. Sandra Hong with the Cleveland Clinic says, "It's really important to make sure you wash all of your linens in your bed, including the stuffed animals, in hot water over 130 degrees, and dry in hot heat. That will actually get rid of the dust mites."

Molds can also be troublesome for folks this time of year.

Clean kitchens, bathrooms and basements with bleach and water to keep them dry and mold-free.