Bonner Middle School students try to drum up support for new drum line

Students in need of equipment, uniforms

DANVILLE, Va. – Bonner Middle School students hope will help drum up support for their new drum line.

Sixth grade math teacher Anthony Wheeler is leading the students.

"Usually, I've had an HBC drum corp. HBC (stands for) historically black college. It kind of ties into the population that we have here in Danville Public Schools," Wheeler said.

The new drum line is more than just a way for students to improve their drum skills.

"The drummers are able to receive math tutoring...we're trying to tie into the whole student; look at what they need as a whole student to be successful," Wheeler said. "So, it's not just music. We need percussion instruments, we need mallets, sticks and we hope to purchase uniforms for the students as well."

Eighth-grader Micah Deshazor said being part of the drum line has helped him improve his grades.

"When I first started, I had low Cs and stuff like that. I got them up to Cs, Bs. (It) makes me feel better about my school and learning and stuff," Deshazor said.

Seventh-grader Tayvon Calloway said Deshazor is the reason he joined the drum line.

"He made me," Calloway said, smiling.

Wheeler said the students are now taking on leadership roles, wanting to organize events to show off their skills and have become like family to each other.

To help the students, contact the school at 434-799-6446.

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