Dozens of neglected pets adopted

Nearly 100 dogs, cats and rabbits are now healthy

ROANOKE, Va. – Dozens of neglected animals rescued from West Virginia have been adopted in the Roanoke Valley.

Back in December, Angels of Assisi rescued about 20 dogs, three cats and around 70 rabbits. It was the shelter's largest rabbit rescue.

The pets had health issues and were undersocialized.

Shelter employees say it took a lot of hard work to make sure the animals recovered. On Sunday, the last of the dogs was finally adopted.

"They have some kind of trauma from the neglect or cruelty that they faced, so it takes some of them years even to get rehabilitated from that," said Matthew Brown, the director of lifesaving operations at Angels of Assisi. "Being able to say just a few months later, 'All the dogs have been adopted and all the rabbits are on their way,' is great."

About half of the rabbits are still up for adoption.

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