Henry County using PBIS to get better behavior, attendance in the classroom

Trying new ways to get students in the classroom

HENRY COUNTY, Va. – Positive peer pressure.  That's the idea behind what one local school system is doing to get better attendance and behavior.

This comes as schools across the commonwealth are trying new ways to get students in the classroom since attendance is now tied to school accrediation.

"You're here today because you've done everything we've asked you to do and you all have worked really hard on our character traits," said Renee Scott, the Rich Acres Elementary principal to students gathered for a day of fun.

Henry County students earn their way to fun days filled with games and food.  Scott says this is what PBIS --- or Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports --- looks like.

These short-term goals reinforce behaviors they want to see on a daily basis.

"We have different character traits we work on every single month, with very specific behaviors. I think before we've talked about things like respect but for a preschooler that's very abstract. We've talked about what behaviors would you display to show respect," said Scott.

For high school students, it is a different story.  Why older students are getting F's when they miss class on 10 News at 6:00 p.m.

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