Scam calls target Roanoke seniors; know how to keep your information safe

Government agency impersonators are aiming to steal personal account information


ROANOKE, Va. – Seniors in Roanoke have reported being targeted by scam calls. The Better Business Bureau Serving Western Virginia is urging individuals to pay careful attention when their phones ring. 

These unsolicited callers have appeared on caller ID as Medicare, the Social Security Administration or other government agencies. In some cases, impersonators have offered seniors free items, such as additional Medicare benefits or a new card. Other times, the scammers have claimed there is a problem with the individual's Medicare or Social Security benefits and the senior will need to provide identifiable information to prevent losing those benefits. 

The goal of scammers is to steal account information. Don't let the bad guys win and remember to never provide personal information to an unsolicited caller. If you are unsure if a phone call is legitimate, hang up the phone, find a number to call back and call the group or agency in question. Or, avoid this problem altogether and do not answer phone calls from unknown numbers or numbers not saved in your contacts.

If you have received a scam call from a government agency impersonator, click here to report the details of the call.