Common tax mistakes to avoid

Mistakes could delay your refund or cost you a penalty

Mistakes on tax returns can cost you time and money. Here are some of the most common ones to look for. 

You'd think using tax software would eliminate tax mistakes, but you'd be wrong. You can still add up your receipts incorrectly, or type something in incorrectly. It can wreck your refund, cost you a penalty, and maybe even get you an audit. 

Make sure to get your Social Security number correct. The error happens more often than you may think, and misplacing digits could ruin everything. 

Check and re-check your math. Software helps, but you still have to enter the correct numbers. 

Sign your return and/or the check you're sending to the IRS. 

If you file electronically and use direct deposit, you could get a refund in days instead of weeks. 

A lot of these mistakes come from the same source: waiting until the last minute and then rushing through your return.