Lynchburg police officer won't face charges after December shooting

LYNCHBURG, Va. – The actions of a Lynchburg police officer who fired shots late last year have been deemed reasonable, justified and legal by the commonwealth's attorney.

Bethany Harrison, the commonwealth's attorney for the city of Lynchburg, released her findings into the use of deadly force by Officer Michael Iazzi in the Dec. 30, 2018 shooting on Wednesday.

Iazzi fired his department-issued handgun after Malik Andrews pointed a gun at him, according to the Police Department.


Harrison's report provides a detailed summary of facts on the day of the shooting. These facts are supported by the summary of the investigation by Special Agent James Buzzard, crime scene reports, crime scene photographs, interviews with civilian witnesses, interviews with Iazzi and other officers, the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) sheets from the calls for service and physical evidence.

Iazzi is no longer on restricted duty and has returned to regular duty, according to the Lynchburg Police Department.

The internal administrative investigation is still ongoing.

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