Prank bomb threats in Charlotte County Schools frustrate parents, school leaders

School officials say its the fourth bomb threat 8 days

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, VA. – An unsual number of local and state police cruisers were parked in front of Randolph-Henry High School on Tuesday for another bomb threat.

"I was sitting in the office when the lady came over the intercom and was saying that the police officers were sweeping the upstairs," John Davis, senior at Randolph-Henry High School, said.

Just a day before, Charlotte County Public School officials told parents via text that  bomb threat messages were written on bathroom walls at the elementary and middle schools. Jenna Seamster has a son at Central Middle School and said this happened last Monday, too.

"It makes me angry as a parent because I know Charlotte County Schools are doing all that they can to keep our kids safe," Seamster said.

School leaders have identified those involved.

"You're looking at suspension from school for quite some time. You're looking at involvements with the court. This is not something that's a slap on the wrist," Dr. Nancy Leonard, superintendent, said.

In the last few days, Charlotte County Public Schools has stepped up its efforts when monitoring the bathrooms.

"We have reduced the number of restrooms that are avaliable to students. Each time students go in and out of the restroom there's an adult checking the restroom," Leonard said.

Parents who learned the bomb threat was a prank want the students to take this seriously.

"With all the school shootings that we've had, not here but around the world, that they would see the fear it can cause parents," Seamster said.

The superintendent would not reveal how many students were involved in the fake bomb threat, but did say they will be disciplined.

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