'Tinder for cows' helps farmers find mates for their livestock

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PETERSFIELD, England – A new app named 'Tudder' -- a mix of Tinder and udder -- lets farmers size up possible mates for the livestock, according to Reuters.  

Much like the app for humans, farmers start by choosing if they are looking for a male or a female and then swipe through photos until they find a match. 

Once the farmers find cattle they think will be a good fit, they are brought to a page on the SellMyLivestock website, where they can browse data and photos of the animal before deciding to buy. The data can include important bits of information, like milk yield, protein content and calving potential, according to Doug Bariner, CEO of Hectare Agritech, which runs SellMyLivestock. 

The app is hitting app stores just in time for Valentine's Day, and can connect farmers from across the country, making trading easier. 

SellMyLivestock has listed more than $64 million worth of livestock, feed and bedding to sell within the past year, throwing the notion that farmers are stuck in the past out the window. 


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