Christiansburg residents can report potholes on town website

Online form notifies public works of road emergencies

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – Pothole season is coming soon, and people in Christiansburg have a tool to get its holes filled up faster.

The town has a public works request form available on its website. The form directs complaints such as potholes and dead animals on roads straight to Christiansburg Public Works.

"It certainly makes it a lot easier on us," said Casper Violette of Christiansburg Public Works. "If something pops up and a citizen lets us know, that's so much further ahead that we can be in fixing that. We can get right on it or at least put it on our list."

Public works crews survey all of Christiansburg to find potholes and other fixable road hazards. However, they say if more residents report potholes they see, its more time crews can spend repairing the potholes.

"The legwork, it can get lengthy because the best way to do it is just to hit the ground and look at everything," said Violette. 

"We hear a lot from people that a pothole has been there for a really long time and it might be something we actually didn't know about," added Christiansburg public relations director Melissa Demmitt. "We don't want people to become frustrated, we just want them to shoot it over to us quickly and hopefully we can get right to it."

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