Valentine's bake sale raises money to buy paralyzed dog wheelchair

Vinton Vet Clinic holds Valentine's bake sale for Shadow's new wheel chair

VINTON, Va. – A veterinary clinic is going above and beyond to help a little dog regain the ability to walk. Shadow, a 6-year-old dachshund, is one they love so much, they spent Valentine’s Day raising money for him with a bake sale at the Vinton Vet Clinic.

Shadow recently was paralyzed in his rear legs. Although Shadow was very loved by his previous owner, because of their age and own difficulties with mobility, they were unable afford to continue caring for him or buy him a doggy wheelchair.

The owners turned him over to Vinton vet, where he's been treated and given a temporary wheelchair that was previously donated to the clinic. While it’s good for now, it doesn’t properly fit Shadow.

On Valentine’s Day, staff at the clinic raised money with a Valentine's bake sale with the hopes of raising $400 to buy Shadow a custom wheelchair of his own.

“We try to put it out to the community as much as possible,” said MeKayla Childress. “The staff members here too we love him to death as if he was one of ours. We have all pitched in together to kind of help and get this better for him so that we can see him live a long and wonderful life.”

Shadow is being fostered by one of the staff members currently. Childress said they already have several people interested in adopting Shadow when he is ready for a new home.

Donations can be made directly to Vinton Vet. Any money raised beyond their goal will go to their good Samaritan fund to help other pets in need.

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