Blacksburg Volunteer Rescue uses state-of-the-art technology to cut response times

High-tech equipment in station, ambulance help provide better care

BLACKSBURG, Va. – From the four walls of the station to the four wheels of the ambulance, the Blacksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad is using state-of-the-art technology to help treat you more efficiently and effectively in an emergency.

"While we are a volunteer rescue squad, we have very high standards and high levels of training," Chief David English said.

English said the equipment, like an automated CPR machine, is pretty rare for a rescue squad in this area.

“We just hit ‘go’ and it does the compressions for us, so that frees up our personnel do all of the other things, like work on IVs, giving medication, securing their airway, talking with the family, getting their history,” English said.

Countless devices in their mobile office now connect directly with dispatch and the hospital.

“Before we ever even get to the hospital, we're able to send the doctors and nurses that are waiting for us the information,” English said.

Cutting down response times starts before a first responder even leaves the station, with lights on the ceiling that can change color depending on the type of emergency.

While many think having a fully volunteer staff limits them, English said it actually helps.

“We are not spending a lot of money on personnel so instead we can put those funds to work for us like with things like new technology and equipment that can serve the public better,” English said.

The rescue squad is always asking for more volunteers. Click here to learn how you can help.

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